rewarding careerArmando Ponce worked two summers with Quality Roofing. In March 2021, he was formally hired and now works in the office calculating materials while also studying Accounting at MSTC.

“I like it here, so I decided to come back,” he said of his reason for applying at QRI when a position opened. “I like the people and I like going on the roof, too.”

Ponce said that his experiences at Quality Roofing have been positive from day one. He would recommend anyone looking for a rewarding career to reach out.

“When I first started, it was more watching and learning, then doing it yourself and learning to do it even better,” he said. “There is a lot of hands-on learning.”

He added that leadership is flexible with scheduling, allowing him to attend classes when needed.

“This place, it changes you. I used to be really lazy before I started to work here. I’m not that same person anymore,” said Ponce. “Looking around to see how hard people work makes you want to do better.”

In his time at Quality Roofing, Ponce has helped with projects including the Wisconsin State Capitol, UW-Madison Chemistry Building, and more.