Wisconsin state capital
Wisconsin’s State Capitol building is getting some TLC, with help from Marshfield company Quality Roofing. With previous experience on projects including Lambeau Field and the Kohl Center, Quality Roofing is no stranger to working on iconic Wisconsin locations.

“I’m looking forward to working here on the capitol. It’s a very high profile project,” said Kyle Parks, Lead Crane Operator. “We’re at the state capitol, it’s a staple piece of Wisconsin.”

Parks enjoys the challenge of high-risk projects, and with people continually visiting the capitol building, this project presents especially unique challenges.

“We’re always being watched right now, and because safety is our #1 thing, there’s a lot to consider here,” said Parks.

B&B Quality Building Restoration, based in Fitchburg, is subcontracting the masonry work, and began by re-caulking the masonry in need of maintenance and repair. Next, as the main contractor, Quality Roofing will have a team of 5-10 people working throughout the project on various repair and replacement needs.

“We’ll be working with White Bethel Vermont Granite, which is really unique,” said Parks. “It’s a pretty good size building, too, so that adds to the challenge.”

Parks is proud of Quality Roofing’s dedication to safety and high standards, and is excited to work on the Capitol.

“We work for a great company and we do great work,” said Parks. “It’s awesome when we get some of these higher class jobs. That’s what I really look forward to.”