Kyle Schultz can often be found at a job site, using a variety of tools and materials to build, maintain, and repair different types of roofs, as well as instructing and overseeing a plethora of projects.

This year, the Quality Roofing project manager celebrates twenty years with a company he calls family at a career he loves.

“I started roofing right after high school, and it became a career,” said Schultz. “I started as a laborer and worked my way up to foreman and now to my current position.”

Schultz is responsible for traveling to Quality Roofing’s various construction sites, overseeing projects, training new workers, and making sure all 40+ employees are safe.

“We typically run three crews at a time, so one day I could be in Wausau, the next in Madison, the next Eagle River — every day is different,” he said. “It’s a lot of hands-on work and a lot of training with the new guys.”

With attention to detail and a knowledge of all stages of the project, Schultz enjoys working with everyone from the general contractors to the laborers — and especially enjoys helping new workers get settled.

“I try to get to know them, make them feel comfortable and feel welcome,” he said. “When you start a new job, it’s nice to get to know somebody and have them take you aside and teach you something rather than just tell you to keep your head down.”

Having worked for the same local business for twenty years — the longest of any current employee at Quality Roofing — Schultz is proud to be one of many long-term employees at the Marshfield-based business.

“It’s a family atmosphere. Pat and Mark (Begotka) are good people to work for. They take care of their employees. If you need something, they are there for you,” he said. “I get up every day and enjoy going to work. You have to like your job, otherwise it’s not worth it.”

Based in Marshfield and with a second location in Menomonie, Quality Roofing has been serving Wisconsin since 1943, with an emphasis on commercial roofing projects.

Schultz has been involved with projects at Lambeau Field, The Kohl Center, the Hockey Arena in Madison, Camp Randall, and Athletic Park in Wausau (home to the Woodchucks).

“It was really cool working at Lambeau Field,” said the lifelong Green Bay Packer fan. “You get there the first time and it’s impressive, and then you get to see more behind the scenes.”

Schultz also enjoys traveling the state to oversee projects, and interacting with different people.

“It’s nice to get to know everybody,” said Schultz. “There are many different workers on our teams and I enjoy working with people from different cultural backgrounds.”

During the summer months especially, the working day can be long but Schultz said 16 hours goes by fast when you enjoy the work. Throughout the year, he enjoys staying busy both at work and at his Spencer home, with five kids ages 5-21.

“The kids are in a lot of sports,” he said. “We like to go to baseball games in the summer and camping. Pat and Mark are very accommodating and give time off whenever needed. You have the option to stay overnight at a job site or come home.”

With two decades under his belt, Schultz is looking forward to continuing his career with Quality Roofing.

“It’s a smaller company, they know all of our names, and they take care of us,” he said. “It’s not the easiest job in the world, but it’s 100% rewarding. I go to work because I love it.”

“Kyle’s ability to relate and motivate is key to his management success,” said Pat. “Whether it’s a new hire, a foreman, or a customer, Kyle focuses on whatever it takes to help them succeed. The energy and positivity he shows up with every day is greatly appreciated.”