snow removal servicesLast week, the Quality Roofing team were on-site at a new construction building for Weston Municipal conducting snow removal operations. With a crane, snowblower, and manpower, it took 4-5 hours to remove 300 square feet of heavy snow accumulation.

“With the help of the general contractor and their crane operator we were able to clear the roof of snow,” said Lucas Kramer, project manager. “Being in Wisconsin, the nature of the beast has created some snow on the roof where we need to lay the new roof system and we have to remove that.”

Commercial roof snow removal is not unusual in Wisconsin.

“This time of year, we usually have to do some snow removal,” said Kramer. “It is pretty physical work. Fortunately, in the last couple of years, the snowfall hasn’t been as much as normal and we’ve had some thaws before it could equate to a lot of weight.”

A few years ago, it was not uncommon to hear of buildings collapsing from the weight of snow. Snow removal helped protect the building’s structural integrity, as well as people inside.

“We’re here for anybody that needs help, whether we installed your roof or not,” said Kramer. “The job in Weston involved a crane because the building is big. Instead of trying to hike all the snow to the roof edge, we shoveled it onto basically a tarp that had straps on it. Once it was shoveled onto the tarps, we could remove it. It’s a well oiled machine. We even had some guys putting a snowblower on the roof.”

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