Safety Important to Quality Roofing

roofer exercising safetyWhen choosing a professional commercial roofer, it’s critical to work with a company that prioritizes safety. Quality Roofing, based in Marshfield and Menomonie, Wisconsin, prides itself on providing the best industry rated safety qualifications.

Quality Roofing has attained NCCCO Certification, one of the highest safety ratings in the nation.

“Before we can start a project for companies like 3M, Oshkosh Truck, Nestle, etc we need to pass an intensive application process that looks at loss history, OSHA history, training programs and more,” said owner Pat Begotka. “It’s not enough to give a safety ‘toolbox talk’ or have a groovy safety slogan as many companies do. When you’re working 10 stories up on the UW Madison chemistry building or Marshfield City Hall I would hope the crew has something more than a slogan to keep them safe!”

Quality Roofing’s teams train in excess of OSHA standards and in excess of customer requirements.

“For example, our crane operators have been NCCCO certified since 2012. This was not a requirement of OSHA until recently,” said Begotka. “When we are hoisting a load of construction materials on your project we want the peace of mind knowing that the operator has formal training & certification.”

All Quality Roofing crews are trained in OSHA 10, which is not an industry requirement but provides a well-rounded safety awareness.

Quality Roofing’s EMF Rating, which is a calculation of injuries, severity and causes of those injuries compared with number of hours worked, has been consistently excellent

Additionally, Quality Roofing in a participant in the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC)
association’s STEP Safety management system, and has received multiple awards through this program.

“It is a safety and benchmarking tool,” explained Begotka. “STEP participation is a 680% safer incident rating than the industry average.”

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