new helmets

Quality Roofing is proud to announce the implementation of new safety helmets across its operations. Partnering with Hiller’s True Value to source Milwaukee brand helmets locally, Quality Roofing is committed to enhancing workplace safety for its employees.

Mark and Pat Begotka, owners of Quality Roofing, recognize the importance of staying ahead of safety regulations. Spearheaded by David Peters and Lucas Kramer, with an eye on anticipated OSHA standards, Quality Roofing has chosen Milwaukee Safety Helmets for their superior protection and comfort features.

The Type 2 Safety Helmets selected by Quality Roofing offer comprehensive protection from top and side impacts. Featuring BOLT™ compatibility with multiple accessory slots, these helmets allow for seamless integration of additional personal protective equipment and accessories, ensuring adaptability to various job site requirements.

Key features of the Milwaukee Safety Helmets include:

  • MILWAUKEE® BOLT™ Headlamp Mount for easy attachment of headlamps
  • BOLT™ Marker Clip for convenient access to pens and markers
  • Comfortable padded suspension with adjustable swinging ratchet for enhanced comfort
  • Five adjustable buckle chin strap for secure fit
  • Antimicrobial sweatband and helmet liner, removable and machine washable for odor prevention

“These safety helmets represent our ongoing commitment to prioritizing the safety and well-being of our employees,” said Peters. “By investing in quality equipment that exceeds industry standards, we aim to provide our team with the best protection possible.”

In addition to their superior safety features, the Milwaukee Safety Helmets are ANSI type 2 certified and customizable, allowing businesses to add their logo for a personalized touch.

Quality Roofing always prioritizes safety, and continues to do so by adopting advanced protective gear like Milwaukee Safety Helmets.

For more information about Quality Roofing and their commitment to safety, please visit or contact 1-800-938-0666.