Roofing in the winter presents unique industry challenges, but Quality Roofing is well-equipped to handle any winter roofing project.

“Obviously the snow, the cold, and the ice present challenges and there’s a little more precaution on that aspect,” said Kyle Schultz, project manager. “There are slipping hazards, but we take time to make sure everyone is safe.”

Quality Roofing can work even through the coldest parts of winter, though owners Pat and Mark Begotka don’t make laborers work if the cold becomes unbearable.

“Everything has its temperature limitations, but there are often ways to work around it,” said Schultz. “We work around the temperatures most of the time.”

Other winter challenges include those present in most other jobs, such as driving to the location. If the project location is a considerable distance from a laborer’s home, Quality Roofing will provide the option for workers to stay overnight near the job site.

Benefits to winter roofing include shorter workdays and dressing warm.

“We always have to wear pants and hard hats, so in the summertime it can get warm. In the wintertime, you can dress a little better for conditions,” said Schultz.

To join the Quality Roofing team or to hire them for your next commercial roofing project, contact them at 715-384-8881.