Wausau Green Roof Project

North Central Health Care in Wausau now has one of the more unique roofs in the Central Wisconsin region. Featuring a “stadium” style roof full of plant life, the roof is a “green roof” coordinated and installed by Quality Roofing of Marshfield.

“I am excited because this is a new type of system layout that we haven’t done in the past,” said Lucas Kramer, Project Coordinator/Estimator. “Also, customers don’t usually get to look at our work, since most of them don’t go on the roof, and seeing that this is a ‘roof patio’ it will give the customer a chance to see the work that Quality Roofing can do.”

A team of five helped construct the roof this summer, with help from other contractors.

“We had to shim each section of plants up to give it a different look,” said Kramer. “We have a very good supplier that helped us with the specifications and getting the roof layout correct. After all of the backend things were taken care of, it made way for our skilled crew members to get this laid out with our crane and equipment.”

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