dane county airport roofQuality Roofing is proud to have previously completed several projects for Dane County Airport and is currently working on a new terminal building.

“It’s a pretty large project. We started in April,” said Lucas Kramer, Project Manager.

The project is for a rubber membrane roof, something that Quality Roofing’s team is very familiar with installing.

“We’re doing all the layers of insulation,” said Kramer. “It’s a pretty standard project, but one thing that is unique is it’s pretty cool to see an F16 or Apache helicopter take off when you’re on top of the roof.”

Due to being work at an airport, there are also extra levels of security involved with the project.

“It’s pretty in-depth,” said Kramer. “It involves online testing, a background check, and an in-house test.”

Kramer said the team is doing a great job on this project, which involves extensive crane work.