Cory Rogowski

Corey Rogowski began his career with Quality Roofing in summer 2010, after learning from a friend that they were accepting applications. After starting as a general laborer/roofer on installation crews, he now is a lead installation crew foreman.

“I started off as more of a general laborer/roofer on installation crews as most people do, helping with the general scope of work throughout the day,” he said. “After a while of working on crews installing roofs I started doing smaller projects/finishing up things on job sites with a smaller crew of just a few guys, and then transitioned into a lead foreman for an installation crew.”

Over the past few years, he has helped perform work on high-profile jobs including Lambeau Field, Title Town, The Kohl Center, and the Capitol building in Madison.

“It’s pretty cool to look back and know you where a part of some of those projects,” he said. “I’d have to say my most memorable job would have to be the expansion project for Lambeau Field that was done in the summer of 2013.”

Starting as a general worker on the crew, he transitioned into more of a lead role towards the end of that summer.

“There was some long hot work days on that project, but it’s neat to look back now and see all the other buildings for Lambeau and Title Town that were a result of us starting there with the 2013 expansion,” he said.

“Corey stands out as a great example of the current career opportunities in the construction trades as he has continually climbed, learning more, earning more and now is excellent at training as well,” said Mark and Pat Begotka, owners. “He is very talented and an impressive leader in our company.”

Rogowski enjoys working outside and the camaraderie of the job.

“It’s nice to be able to enjoy the weather outside while at work, and I’ve built quite a few good friendships with people through the company,” he said, adding that those looking to apply at Quality should “go for it” as there are many opportunities and the company is a great employer.

“Not only do we have crews installing roofs, but we also have crews that perform sheet metal work… installing edge metal for our new roofs, installing wall panels, and other types of sheet metal work,” he said. “The company is very good at trying to help place you in the type of work that you enjoy/exceed at the most.”

They also have crane operators and CDL drivers for heavy equipment, with Quality Roofing willing to help anyone get the training/certification needed for those types of roles if they put in the work or show interest in those areas.

“Roofing, and construction in general can be a tough job, but if you show up every day with a willingness to learn, Quality Roofing can be a really nice place to employed,” said Rogowski. “Owners Mark and Pat Begotka always have an open door to talk to them. They are always willing to listen to any concerns or comments you may have, and are always willing to try and help you in and outside of the work atmosphere in any way they can.”